Foodpairing is a business intelligence company

offering industry a product development platform 

enabling predictive sales 

powered by AI.

—we are a creative foodtech company at heart

Foodpairing® is a food tech company and pioneer in the digitization of flavor.

Foodpairing is known to be ‘The world's largest creative chef network’.
We inspire 200.000+ chefs in 150+ countries to create new flavor combinations based on science.

But we are much more. 
For industry, we are a business intelligence company identifying the successful flavor combinations and core formulations enhancements of tomorrow enabling predictive sales. How? By combining scientific flavor insights, unique consumer data and Machine Learning, we reduce the time-to-market and increase the success rate of product launches.

Our long-term mission is to become the leading AI platform for personalized dietary recommendations by powering recipe websites, lifestyle apps, e-commerce, smart kitchen and eHealth applications from 3rd parties. Through flavorID®, we deliver the most accurate recommendations and exciting new recipes, promoting healthy and sustainable lives.

—are you ready to be at the forefront of foodtech?

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